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Mechanical Tunes

Welcome to the home of free streaming music, where every song is fresh, free, and just for you.

Every tune that comes down the stream is fresh, composed within the last couple of minutes of the performance. We have developped AI algorithms and machine learning models that write songs, make arrangements, and expressively performs the pieces we stream to you.

Music should surround us, and be free. No currently copyrighted material was used to drive the performances you are about to hear. Feel free to download any tunes you enjoy. Add them to your videos and photo albums with no risk of third-party copyright claims. All we ask in return is a shout out.

Your preferences will help us make music just for you. Once you've signed up, we'll keep track of your likes and dislikes and incorporate that feedback into the new compositions and performances.

We also realize that everyone hears the world in different ways. Our music generation system can navigate these limitations and produce an accessible musical experience. Just take the hearing test found on your profile page after you sign up and we'll do the rest.